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OutRun - GEN - USA.jpg
Platform: Genesis
Year: 1991
Developer: Sega AM2, Hertz Co. Ltd
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For other games in the series, see OutRun.

OutRun is a third-person driving game where you drive a Ferrari Testarossa down various roads in a race against time. As you reach the end of a road, you come to a fork where you can merge left for an easier road or right for a harder road. You must avoid other cars on the road and the numerous buildings and structures on the sides of the road. Crashing slows you down and wastes precious time. You can adjust the car's speed by moving between high and low gear.

The Genesis port is a faithful rendition of the game, but has the expected lower fidelity found in arcade-to-Genesis conversions.


OutRun - GEN - Title.png

The title graphic.

OutRun - GEN - Options.png

The Genesis game has several options and a sound test.

OutRun - GEN - Start.png

The starting line. An iconic scene for Sega racing gamers.

OutRun - GEN - Beach.png

Driving down the sunny tropical beach road.

OutRun - GEN - Map.png

The game map.

OutRun - GEN - Oh Crap!.png

Not my best lap, I must admit.


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OutRun - GEN - Album Art.jpg

OutRun made history by being the first game to let the player pick a radio station to listen to. When you start the game, you get to pick which music to hear as you drive. The Genesis port keeps the arcade game's three tunes, and adds another song as well, Step On Beat.

The original music was composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi and was ported to the Genesis by Shinichiro Sato. The songs keep their rather off looping timing. The extra driving track is the work of Masayoshi Ishi.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Splash Wave Hiroshi KawaguchiShinichiro Sato 5:55
02 Magical Sound Shower Hiroshi KawaguchiShinichiro Sato 5:21
03 Passing Breeze Hiroshi KawaguchiShinichiro Sato 5:45
04 Step On Beat Masayoshi IshiMasayoshi Ishi, Shinichiro Sato 4:25
05 Last Wave Hiroshi KawaguchiShinichiro Sato 1:51



(Source, 20th Anniversary liner notes.)

The Genesis version is one of the few versions of the game to have credits. However, it only credits the sound to the music group T's Music. In the album OutRun 20th Anniversary Box, it was revealed that the members of T's Music who specifically worked on the Genesis version were Shinichiro Sato and Masayoshi Ishi.

"MIY" in the high score list is probably short for Kawaguchi's first family name, Miyauchi.


S.S.T. Band: Live

S.S.T. Band - Live.jpg


Sega Piano Nocturne

Sega Piano Nocturne.jpg


Game Rip






The VGM logs were made during game play and recorded with VGM Input v0.40 in Winamp. A true program rip does not yet exist.

Audio Devices

OutRun uses a YM2612 chip for music, which wasn't quite as powerful as the arcade version's YM2151. Because of this, the music suffers a bit in fidelity. Also, unlike the arcade game where the wave crashes in Last Wave were played on a separate chip, the Genesis synthesizes the wave effects and music on the same audio chip.

The game uses the banked Z80 version of Sega's SMPS sound software.


  Japan.svg   Japan
OutRun - GEN - Japan.jpg
Title: アウト ラン (OutRun)
Platform: Mega Drive
Released: 1991-08-09
Publisher: Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
  USA.svg   USA
OutRun - GEN - USA.jpg
Title: OutRun
Platform: Genesis
Released: 1991-??-??
Publisher: Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
  EU.svg   EU
OutRun - GEN - EU.jpg
Title: OutRun
Platform: Mega Drive
Released: 1991-??-??
Publisher: Sega Enterprises, Ltd.


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Notable Songs Magical Sound Shower • Passing Breeze • Splash Wave • Last Wave
Notable Personnel Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Notable Companies Sega