Origin Soundtrack

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Origin Soundtrack
Origin Soundtrack.jpg
Released 1991-??-??
Publisher Martin Galway
Country USA   USA.svg
Catalog N/A

Origin Soundtrack AKA Origin Audio CD, Vol. 1 is a soundtrack for various Origin Systems games from 1990-1991. It is an unauthorized work produced and engineered by Origin employee Martin Galway to showcase some of the more impressive tunes he and other Origin composers wrote. Galway created the soundtrack by playing the music from the games on his Roland LAPC-I sound card and recording the output to digital audio tape, then having CDs made from the tape. The CD is broken up into 6 tracks, one for each game. Every track contains several songs.


# Title Game Composer Arranger Length
01 Wing Commander Two Wing Commander II (DOS) 26:01
01.A Main Theme - Cloak and Dagger George Sanger George Sanger
01.B The Flight Deck Dana Glover Dana Glover
01.C Angel Deveraux George Sanger George Sanger
01.D Tolwyn's Office Dana Glover Dana Glover
01.E Poker Floyd Domino, David Sanger Floyd Domino, David Sanger
01.F Midgames Dana Glover, Martin Galway Dana Glover, Martin Galway
01.G Jazz's Escape George Sanger George Sanger
01.H Off Duty Dana Glover Dana Glover
01.I The Bridge Dana Glover, Martin Galway Dana Glover, Martin Galway
01.J Jazz's Storm Clouds Nenad Vugrinec Nenad Vugrinec
01.K Prince Thrakhath's Theme Dana Glover, Martin Galway Dana Glover, Martin Galway
02 Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2 - "Martian Dreams" Ultima: Worlds of Adventure - Martian Dreams (DOS) 15:08
02.A Main Theme Tom Hollingshead Tom Hollingshead
02.B Daytime George Sanger George Sanger
02.C Surface Combat George Sanger George Sanger
02.D Victory Dana Glover Dana Glover
02.E Turn Back the Clock Dana Glover Dana Glover
02.F Dream Combat Tom Hollingshead Tom Hollingshead
02.G Nightime George Sanger George Sanger
02.H Below Ground Tom Hollingshead Tom Hollingshead
03 Bad Blood Bad Blood (DOS) 1:09
03.A Tranquil Nature Steve Morris Steve Morris
03.B Main Theme - After the Holocaust Steve Morris Steve Morris
03.C Murmurings Steve Morris Steve Morris
03.D Choice For Hope Steve Morris Steve Morris
03.E The Decision Steve Morris Steve Morris
03.F The Send-Off Steve Morris Steve Morris
03.G Plains Steve Morris Steve Morris
03.H The City Steve Morris Steve Morris
04 Ultima VI - The False Prophet Ultima VI: The False Prophet (DOS) 8:27
04.A Can't Remove the Pain Todd Porter Todd Porter
04.B Rule, Britannia! Thomas Arne Herman Miller
04.C I Hear You Crying Todd Porter Todd Porter
04.D The Wander Todd Porter Todd Porter
04.E Black Forest Todd Porter Todd Porter
04.F Fall Leaves Todd Porter Todd Porter
04.G Stones David Watson, Kathleen Jones Unknown
05 Ultima Worlds of Adventure 1 - "The Savage Empire" Ultima: Worlds of Adventure - The Savage Empire (DOS) 6:58
05.A Main Theme - The Savage Empire George Sanger George Sanger
05.B Jungle of the Jungle George Sanger George Sanger
05.C On the Surface George Sanger George Sanger
06 Wing Commander Wing Commander (DOS) 9:04
06.A Fanfare - The Main Theme Dave Govett Dave Govett
06.B Swing Commander George Sanger George Sanger
06.C Briefing George Sanger George Sanger
06.D Scramble! George Sanger George Sanger
06.E Flying to Dogfight George Sanger George Sanger
06.F Regular Combat Dave Govett Dave Govett
06.G Hero's Funeral Dave Govett Dave Govett