Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom (DOS)

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Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom
Onesimus - A Quest for Freedom - DOS - USA.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1992
Developer: Epic MegaGames, Inc.
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Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom is built entirely on Jill of the Jungle engine and uses almost all of the game data from every game of Jill series. This time, instead of taking role of an amazon woman you play as an Apostle Onesimus to lastly find Apostle Paul and be free.

Unfortunately, this game may seem to be unfavored to some players familiar with all three Jill games, due to this game having ripped graphics, levels, sounds and even music from that series. The only exclusive levels existing in this game are Levels 1-3 and the Hub. All others are taken (but not all of them) from the first, second and third episodes of Jill with slight modifications done on them, for example to compensate the absence of morphing into other animals or different music selections. Some of the graphics were also repainted (or recolored).


Onesimus - DOS - Startup.png

The splash screen (before menu).

Onesimus - DOS - Main Menu.png

The menu itself.

Onesimus - DOS - First Level.png

Early in the first level (demo).

Onesimus - DOS - Level 2 Forests Of Colosse.png

It all starts to get harder in Forests Of Colosse (Level 2).

Onesimus - DOS - Dungeon Level 16.png

You will discover dangerous dungeons in this game (like in Jill).

Onesimus - DOS - End.png

About to complete the game.


The game uses nearly all of the music tracks from Jill of the Jungle. However, this in addition has an exclusive song called Amazing Grace (the last track in the track list) which was not found in Jill episodes. Alien, Bonzo, Deep Evil, It, Ominous, Underground and Wild are the tracks that were not included.

Dan Froelich is credited for composing and arranging the music of Jill of the Jungle and Onesimus. The music was created in AdLib Visual Composer (which was later brought to Onesimus) and then converted with ROL to CMF to change the music into the proper format used by the game.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Dan Dan FroelichDan Froelich 3:34
02 Desert Dan FroelichDan Froelich 1:26
03 Funky Dan FroelichDan Froelich 3:41
04 Moby Dick Dan FroelichDan Froelich 2:04
05 Dungo Dan FroelichDan Froelich 1:36
06 Kuntamon Dan FroelichDan Froelich 2:00
07 Action Dan FroelichDan Froelich 1:30
08 Zeppelin Dan FroelichDan Froelich 4:10
09 Cubist Dan FroelichDan Froelich 1:52
10 Stealth Dan FroelichDan Froelich 3:10
11 Neoclassic Dan FroelichDan Froelich 1:30
12 Peaks Dan FroelichDan Froelich 1:54
13 Seven Dan FroelichDan Froelich 4:36
14 Spiders Dan FroelichDan Froelich 2:50
15 Jupiter Dan FroelichDan Froelich 2:51
16 Amazing Grace TraditionalDan Froelich 2:25



Game Rip

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This rip is missing songs.




CMF.png VCL.png



Each CMF file has SONG**.ARK as filename (where "*" is the track number).

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png


Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png


The game only lists Sound Blaster as a possible device, but it works with any OPL2 compatible device for music.


  USA.svg   USA
Onesimus - A Quest for Freedom - DOS - USA.jpg
Title: Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom
Platform: DOS
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Ark Multimedia Publishing


Jill of the Jungle
Jill of the Jungle Platform - DOS.png
Jill Goes Underground Platform - DOS.png
Jill Saves The Prince Platform - DOS.png
Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom Platform - DOS.png
Notable Songs Dan • Funky
Notable Personnel Dan Froelich
Notable Companies Epic Games • Ark Multimedia Publishing