Once Upon a Time, in Another World...

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Once Upon a Time, in Another World...
Composer Hideki Abe
Released 2003-11-??
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Once Upon a Time, in Another World... plays during the opening of the "main" single-player courses in Puyo Puyo Fever: "WakuWaku" (essentially medium) and "HaraHara" (basically hard mode). Both of these present a short snippet of text explaining the basic premise, narrated by the course's player character (Amitie & Raffina, respectively).

As with the rest of the game's soundtrack, the song was originally composed by Hideki Abe, first seeing release in November 2003 (when the arcade version came out).


The English title comes from the official world release of Puyo Puyo Fever 1&2 Soundtrack, which translates all of the song names. The original Japanese title is "いつかの時代…どこかの世界…/オープニングBGM," which more or less means the same thing ("Once Upon a Time... in Some Other World... / Opening BGM").


Much like the bulk of the game's music, the song is upbeat and keeps a fairly quick tempo. It is heavy on chipper-sounding synths (with glissandos being prevalent throughout the B section), grounded by a bass and ever-present percussion line.


Puyo Puyo Fever (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Puyo Puyo Fever (ARC)
Arranger Hideki Abe
Released 2003-11-??
Format ADX

The original version of the song, stored and played back as digital audio, is essentially CD quality.

This song is reused verbatim in every subsequent console and PC port, as well as 2016's Puyo Puyo Chronicle (3DS).

Puyo Pop Fever (GBA)

Platform - GBA.png
Puyo Pop Fever (GBA)
Output - GBA.svg
Puyo Pop Fever - GBA - WakuWaku Intro.png
Arranger Hideki Abe
Released 2004-07-24
Format GSF

The GBA port features a sequenced arrangement of the song. While it retains the overall style and most of the melodies found in the original, the bass line is noticeably less pronounced here.

Puyo Pop Fever (NDS)

Platform - NDS.png
Puyo Pop Fever (NDS)
Output - DS.svg
Puyo Pop Fever - NDS - WakuWaku Intro.png
Arranger Hideki Abe
Released 2004-12-24
Format 2SF

The DS port features another sequenced arrangement of the song -- this time much closer to the original, owing to the DS's more advanced sound hardware. While the bass is clearer here, the percussion is significantly less punchy.


Released Album Version Title Track
2007-07-26 Puyo Puyo Fever 1&2 Soundtrack Arcade/console version いつかの時代…どこかの世界…/オープニングBGM (Japanese)
Once Upon a Time, in Another World... (English)