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OGG to MP3
Player - OGG to MP3.png
Creator Dean Tersigni (TheAlmightyGuru)
Released 2013-08-30
Platform Windows
Website vgmpf.com

OGG to MP3 is a no-frills Windows command line program that converts OGG files into MP3 files using the LAME encoder. You can also use the program by drag-and-dropping an OGG file onto the executable. It should be noted that foobar2000 has a much better conversion utility.

The command line usage is as follows:

OGG2MP3.EXE <oggfile> [mp3file]
  • oggfile - The OGG file to be converted.
  • mp3file - The optional MP3 file name. If ignored, it will use the name from the OGG file.

Note: Metadata tags are lost in the conversion.


Version Download Platform
1.0 Download - (info) Windows