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Now Production Co., Ltd
Nowproduction logo.png
Founded June 17, 1986
Headquarters Osaka, Japan

Now Production (株式会社ナウプロダクション, now known as Nowpro) is a game developer that was founded in 1986 with its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Originally, Now Production or NAOPURO (ナウプロ) was established to work on software for Namco and Konami as a subcontractor as well as pachinko software. However, in 2009 they began developing mobile games and other software.


Music Development


The company used their own custom sound driver, but its programmer was never credited. It was possibly by Masakatsu Maekawa, Miyoshi Okuyama, or another programmer.


The company used its own audio driver, programmed by Masakatsu Maekawa.


The composers at Now Production used Nintendo's MP2K sound engine.

Audio Personnel

These composers worked at Now Production: (Note: This list is incomplete)