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Appaloosa Interactive
Appalosa Interactive.png
Founded January 6, 1983
Closed 2006
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
Other Names Novotrade, Novotrade International

Appaloosa Interactive Corporation was founded in 1983 as Novotrade by the Hungarian government as a currency company, but later became involved in distributing computer hardware and software. They published their first video game in 1988. The company changed names to Appaloosa Interactive, Co. on November 4th, 1996, but after too many unprofitable games, finally shutdown in 2006. Many of the developers went on to work at Mithis Games. When they developed NES games, the company didn't put staff credits, because Novotrade had calls offered many jobs by other developers, in a similar manner to Rare, but when they started developing Sega Genesis games, the company would've been better about game credits.


Music Development

Commodore 64

Antal Zolnai told C64.COM:

We had a in-house composer but occasionally bought music from other musicians, e.g. Ben Daglish in case of Alternative World Games. [...] I can't recall the name of the sound editor we used, but I remember we had to modify it to meet our needs.

The most common driver is Musicmaster (from Soundmonitor), indeed optimized and relocated several times. On Water Polo (C64), Master Composer was used, also optimized. Other games have unique drivers.


Peter Gosztola programmed a sound driver where composers would write MIDI files into the driver.


Novotrade used a reprogrammed version of the GEMS sound driver. Atilla Roka is credited for sound programming in the credits for Exosquad.

The Magic School Bus Space Exploration Game and Ecco Jr. use an unmodified version of GEMS.

For their port of California Games, composer Andras Magyari used Tony Williams' sound driver.


Novotrade had a custom driver which was used only in one game; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time. It is not based on Kankichi-kun, and its programmer is unknown.

Audio Personnel

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