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Novaload - C64 - NLEdit 2.png
Creator Novagen Software
Released 1984-0?-??
Platform Commodore 64
For the example song, see Novaload (C64).

Novaload is a Commodore 64 tape loader that was licensed to companies.

Once the actual game is finished, you draw a colorful loading screen using the C64's built-in font. The screen has to have 3 placeholders: one for the elapsed loading time in minutes, seconds and hundredths, one for a 3-digit number of remaining blocks (à 256 bytes), and a whole line for a scrolling text. Next, you set up the scrolling text, arrange a song, load your game, and record everything on tape.

When a gamer buys and runs a such tape, a gray screen appears with your game's filename, Novaload's name, serial number -- and tape noise boosted on the SID chip. Fortunately, after 11 seconds, your loading screen appears and your music plays.

As a music arranger, you can freely modify all SID chip registers and loop at any position. There are no effects.


The following composers used Novaload on at least one game:

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