Nemesis the Warlock (Song)

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Nemesis the Warlock
Composer Rob Hubbard
Released 1987-??-??
Title Origin Game Title
Loops Yes

Nemesis the Warlock is the title music for the game of the same name. It is an epic instrumental song composed by Rob Hubbard and was included in each port of the game.


Nemesis the Warlock (C64)

Platform - C64.png
Nemesis the Warlock (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Nemesis the Warlock - C64 - Title.png
Arranger Rob Hubbard
Programmer Rob Hubbard
Released 1987-??-??
Length 6:52
Format SID

The Commodore 64 uses the original song as composed by Rob Hubbard. It's just shy of 7 minutes in length. The song plays at the title screen when the game starts.

The song is rendered on the Commodore's 6581 audio chip.

Nemesis the Warlock (CPC)

Platform - CPC.png
Nemesis the Warlock (CPC)
Nemesis the Warlock - CPC - Level 1.png
Arranger Unknown
Released 1987-??-??
Format UNK

On the Amstrad, the Nemesis the Warlock theme plays at the game's introduction screen and, unlike the other versions of the game, during the actual game play.

The song is rendered on the Amstrad's AY-3-8912 audio chip.

Nemesis the Warlock (ZXS)

Platform - ZXS.png
Nemesis the Warlock (ZXS)
Output - AY.svg
Nemesis the Warlock - ZXS - Title.png
Arranger Unknown
Released 1987-??-??
Length 4:20
Format AY

The ZX Spectrum version of the tune is only 4:20, possibly scaled down for memory constraints. While Rob Hubbard was certainly capable of porting his song to the Spectrum, the game doesn't credit an arranger.

The song is rendered on the Spectrum's AY-3-8912 audio chip.