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NMS Software
NMS Software - 03.jpg
Founded ca. 1992
Closed 1999-03-??
Headquarters UK

NMS Software was founded by Richard Chappells with some former Elite Systems staff. The NMS stood for Richard's sons; Nicholas, Mark and Simon. A great deal of the games they developed did not have credits, but it is unknown why. However, it was presumably a choice made by the staff, as games by Elite and Arc Developments both lacked credits in most of their games.

The company primarily developed for the Game Boy, but developed games for various consoles. They were also known for their large amount of conversions of games such as F-15 Strike Eagle, Super Off Road, and a couple of the Disney games. The company closed its doors in March 1999.


Music Development

Game Boy/NES

Mark Cooksey was the only composer who wrote music for NMS Software's Game Boy and NES games. He would write his MIDI files with Notator for the Atari ST which he would then convert to his NES sound driver.

Audio Personnel

Image Gallery