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Nihon Micom Kaihatsu
Founded 1985-03-??
Closed 1999-??-??
Headquarters Japan

NMK (short for Nihon Micom Kaihatsu (日本マイコン開発 = Japan Microcomputer Developments)) was a Japanese video game developer founded by Yukio Kotoyori in 1985. The company started out receiving subcontracting work from companies such as Jaleco and UPL. As a result, they were not credited for their earlier works. However, the company later started to self-publish their games, as well as publish games for other companies. They also developed games for Sammy.

The company started out with arcade games, but also developed games for popular platforms like the NES and Genesis. While the company is broadly recognized in its native Japan, they are probably best known in the west for their NES games Arkista's Ring and Ninja Crusaders. Though they are also known for publishing Rare's Wizards & Warriors (NES) in Japan along with Jaleco.

In 1999, the NMK went bankrupt and subsequently closed their doors.


Music Development


According to Sizlla Okamura, NMK's sound driver was originally programmed by Kazuhiro Ayabe. Shinichi Sakamoto also said he helped out with creating the sound driver, in particular its initial coding. Later, the driver received modifications by Kazunori Hideya. According to Okamura, music was written in a custom Music Macro Language, though the composers would write their compositions initially on score paper or computers.

Audio Personnel