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NEZ Plug
Player - NEZ Plug.png
Creator Takashi Mamiya
Released 2000-03-06
Platform Winamp

NEZ Plug is an Winamp plugin that began as a NSF plugin, but over time grew to support several video game audio formats. Although the interface is lacking, its wide range of support makes it worthwhile. Supported formats include AY, GBR, GBS, HES, KSS, and NSF. NEZ Plug also supports a custom M3U playlist that allows you to add titles, and timing to individual songs.

The following audio chips are emulated by NEZ Plug:

Company Chip
General Instrument AY-3-8910
Hudson HuC6280
Konami 053329, 053982, 051649, 052539, Majutsushi DAC
Namco NAMCO163
Nintendo DMG-CPU B, MMC5
Ricoh RP2A03, RP2A07, RP2C33
Sega Game Gear Audio
Sunsoft 5B
Texas Instruments SN76496
Yamaha YM2149, YM2413, YM8950

Custom M3U files can be created with the following format:

File Name::Code,[Song #|$Song #],[Title],[Time(h:m:s)],[Loop(h:m:s)][-],[Fade(h:m:s)],[Loop Count]

 File Name: Audio file's relative path.
      Code: NSF, KSS, GBR, GBR, HES, AY, or NEZ.
    Song #: 0-based for everything except NSF which is 1-based.
   $Song #: 0-based number in hex for KSS (e.g., $0c)
     Title: Song's title. Embedded commas must be escaped as \,
      Time: Song play time in seconds (hours * 3600 + minutes * 60 + seconds),
                or (hours:minutes:seconds),
      Loop: Length of the loop portion. Structure is same as time.
     Loop-: Start of loop time. Structure is same as time with an additional -.
      Fade: Length of fade out time. Structure is same as time.
Loop Count: Number of times to loop the loop portion.
                If empty, it will use the loop count of the ini file.

NEZPlug doesn't have a user interface, but is controlled by an INI file which has the following settings:

  DisableNSFSupport = 0 - NEZ Plug processes NSF files, 1 - ignores NSF files.
  DisableKSSSupport = Same as above.
  DisableGBRSupport = Same as above.
  DisableGBSSupport = Same as above.
  DisableHESSupport = Same as above.
   DisableAYSupport = Same as above.
DisableNSFExtension = Which NSF formats NEZ Plug handles.
                          (0 - NEZ and NSF, 1 - Just NEZ)
DisablePCEExtension = Which TurboGrafx-16 formats NEZ Plug handles.
                          (0 - PCE and HES, 1 - Just HES)
          Frequency = Audio sample rate in Hertz.
                          (48000, 44100, 24000, 22050, 11025)
           Priority = Processor priority.
                          (Highest, Higher, Normal, Lower, Lowest)
          LoopCount = Number of times to loop the song.
                          (0 - Infinite, 1 - No loop, 2-255 - Specified loops)
        FadeoutTime = Number of milliseconds for fade out.
    DefaultPlayTime = Number of seconds to play songs without specified timing.
DisplayRealPlayTime = Type of time to display in Winamp.
                          (0 - Base time, 1 - Loop plus fade out)
         FilterType = Type of filter to apply.
                          (0 - None, 1 - Easy low pass, 2 - Weighted)
         HookWinamp = Song selector hook.
                          (0 - Old type, 1 new type)
       NSFApuVolume = Volume of the NES pulse, triangle, and noise channels.
                          (-512 (x4), -256 (x2), 0, 256 (x1/2) , 512 (x1/4))
      NSFDpcmVolume = Volume of the NES PCM channel.
                          (-512 (x4), -256 (x2), 0, 256 (x1/2) , 512 (x1/4))
         NSFFdsType = Nintendo FDS Enging Type
                          (0 - External, 1 - Old, 2 - New, 3 - Old 2)


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