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MusiClips is a collection of MIDI files created and sold by Voyetra Technologies as a royalty-free music library that could be used for any multimedia production. The initial library, released in 1991 for $149.95, contained a little over 150 songs consisting mostly of public domain classical music, folk songs, and traditional holiday music, but also a few dozen custom songs of varying genres and a handful of drum tracks. Over the years, Voyetra released supplements for $69.95 which contained additional songs and also increased the quality of the MIDI files, making them stereo. Unfortunately, very few of the songs contained credits making it difficult to track down the composers of the original songs or the arrangers of the public domain songs. The library was eventually discontinued, possibly when Voyetra merged with Turtle Beach.


So far, no official releases of any of the MusiClips collections have surfaced, however, attempts have been made to reconstruct a complete archive from various sources. These songs appear to have originally been released by Voyetra, though it is not known which release of MusiClips they come from, if they were even officially in a MusiClips release, or if they have since been arranged by someone else.

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The following included music from the MusiClips library:

Released Title
1991-??-?? Sound Blaster Pro (DOS)
1992-??-?? Word Rescue (DOS)
1994-??-?? Anyone For Cards? (MAC)
1994-??-?? Anyone For Cards? (W16)