Mike Cihak

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Mike Cihak
Born N/A
Birth Place USA
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Byte Size Sound
Website http://bytesizesound.com/index.html

Mike Cihak is an American composer and sound designer. He worked with Matt Scott at Byte Size Sound.


Released Title Sample Notes
1993-??-?? Beyond Shadowgate (TCD)
1993-05-?? Bubsy In: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (SNES) (やまねこBUBSYの大冒険) With Matt Scott.
1993-12-?? Total Carnage (SNES)
1994-01-?? Lester the Unlikely (SNES) (おでかけレスター れれれのれ(^^;) With Matt Scott.
1995-??-?? Urban Strike (SNES) Arranger?
1996-08-?? Mohawk and Headphone Jack (SNES) With Matt Scott.
1996-10-31 JetFighter III (DOS)
1997-??-?? WCW Nitro (PS1) With Matt Scott.
1998-??-?? Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition (W32) With Matt Scott.
1999-01-15 WCW/nWo Thunder (PS1) With Matt Scott.
1999-02-01 WCW Nitro (N64) With Matt Scott.
1999-10-21 Deer Hunt Challenge (W32) Sound Effects with Matt Scott.
2000-03-15 Ultimate Hunt Challenge Pack (W32) With Matt Scott.
2000-05-04 WCW Nitro (W32) With Matt Scott.
Unreleased Shadowhawk (SNES)