Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum (NES)

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Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
Might and Magic - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Year: 1990
Developer: New World Computing, Inc., G. Amusements Co., Ltd.
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This page is about NES game. For the series, see Might and Magic.

Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum is a fantasy role-playing game with a 3D perspective. You control a party of adventurers who are on a quest to discover the Inner Sanctum, and as you journey through the land of Varn (misspelled in the game as "Barn"), you uncover a mysterious character named Corak and a villain named Sheltem. The NES game is a port of the original Apple II game.


Might and Magic - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Might and Magic - NES - Town.png

Exploring the town of Sorpigal.

Might and Magic - NES - Shop.png

Talking to one of the town's shop keeps.

Might and Magic - NES - Map.png

The game has a nice auto-map feature.

Might and Magic - NES - Combat.png

Battling some skeletons.

Might and Magic - NES - Varn.png

Outside in the land of Varn.


Masaharu Iwata composed a unique theme for each different area type in the game. Towns, castle, dungeons, and the outside world all have their own themes, as does combat. Canon In D Major is an unusual choice for the game's title music, and the completeness of the song shows that Iwata spent a lot of time arranging it. One possible reason for this (without any evidence, it should be added) is Iwata arranged the song for pleasure or to test the capabilities of the audio driver he was using, and just decided to use the finished song in the game.

Aside from the seemingly unused fanfares, the song titles come from the official soundtrack, including the Theme of Sheltem, the use of which appears to have been cut out of the game.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Main Theme Johann PachelbelMasaharu Iwata 4:00
02 Town Town Town Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 2:43
03 Market Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 1:12
04 Battle Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 1:07
05 Surface of the Earth Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 1:54
06 Mapping System Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 1:52
07 Dungeon Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 2:46
08 In the Castle Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 2:09
09 Theme of Astral World and Soul Maze Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 2:48
10 Revive Fanfare Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 0:01
11 Theme of Sheltem Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 1:26
12 Unknown Fanfare 1 Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 0:03
13 Unknown Fanfare 2 Masaharu IwataMasaharu Iwata 0:01


(Source: Official soundtrack, Masaharu Iwata; Game lacks audio credits.)

The game has credits, but there are no audio credits. Masaharu has verified working on the game, and the game uses his sound driver.


Game Rip

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This rip is missing songs.







Although the rip has all of the music, two of the tracks are corrupt. Track 5 (In the Castle) is missing the bass line, and track 12 (Game Over) cuts off too soon.

  • Fixed by MrNorbert1994 on 2016.12.27 added JSR $8007 to the existing rips (driver is very similiar to Conquest of the Crystal Palace). Added SFX?*

Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Might and Magic - FC - Japan.jpg
Title: マイトアンドマジック ~ Book 1 ~ Secret of the Inner Sanctum (Might and Magic ~ Book 1 ~ Secret of the Inner Sanctum)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1990-07-31
Publisher: Gakken
  USA.svg   USA
Might and Magic - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Released: 1992-08-??
Publisher: American Sammy Corporation


Might and Magic
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Notable Personnel Paul Romero • Rob King • Steve Baca