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Midi Maker
Player - Midi Maker v1.01 For Windows.png
Creator The Nth System
Released 2002-??-??
Platform Windows

Midi Maker is a MIDI sequencer designed by The Nth System for Windows. Rather than use standard musical notation, Midi Maker allows users to draw squares on note lines like some tracker programs. Thus, even if you aren't familiar with musical notation, you can still easily compose music.

It features all General MIDI and Roland GS compatible instruments, except few instruments like "Jingle Bell" (which you must manually add to your MIDI track).

The program uses its own proprietary MIA format, but it can export MIDI files as well. However, it can't convert MIDI to MIA.

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Since the copyrights are still holding, placing archive on this site is impossible. You may download it from the site (trial version, brokes after 50th use), or purchase it for $19.95.