Mega Man X Sound Collection

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Mega Man X Sound Collection
Mega Man X Sound Collection.jpg
Local ロックマンX サウンド コレクション
Released 2018-07-24
Publisher Capcom Co., Ltd.
Country World   World.svg
Catalog N/A
Games Mega Man X (SNES)

Mega Man X Sound Collection is the original soundtrack for Mega Man X (SNES), released on various digital platforms beginning in 2018. While it was first announced on July 25th of that year, some sites (like Amazon) instead display its release date as July 24th.


As the game and series are both called Rockman X in Japanese, the album is naturally called Rockman X Sound Collection (ロックマンX サウンド コレクション) in that language.


Track names that differ in the Japanese release are denoted in parentheses after the English title. (The Steam release also takes this approach in its track list.) The final track is a collection of sound effects.

# Title Composer Length
01 Capcom Logo Yasuaki Fujita 0:06
02 Title Setsuo Yamamoto 0:17
03 Password (Pass Word) Toshihiko Horiyama 1:26
04 Opening Stage Setsuo Yamamoto 1:40
05 Vile 1 (Vava 1) Setsuo Yamamoto 0:45
06 Vile 2 (Vava 2) Setsuo Yamamoto 1:09
07 Zero Setsuo Yamamoto 0:46
08 Cutscene (Demo) Setsuo Yamamoto 1:15
09 Stage Select 1 Setsuo Yamamoto 1:00
10 Stage Start Manami Matsumae, Setsuo Yamamoto 0:10
11 Launch Octopus Stage (Launcher Octopuld Stage) Setsuo Yamamoto 1:50
12 Chill Penguin Stage (Icy Penguigo Stage) Yuki Iwai 1:36
13 Flame Mammoth Stage (Burnin' Noumander Stage) Setsuo Yamamoto 2:05
14 Boomer Kuwanger Stage Yuko Takehara 2:21
15 Sting Chameleon Stage (Sting Chameleao Stage) Setsuo Yamamoto 1:20
16 Spark Mandrill Stage (Spark Mandriller Stage) Makoto Tomozawa 1:54
17 Storm Eagle Stage (Storm Eagleed Stage) Makoto Tomozawa 1:20
18 Armored Armadillo Stage (Armor Armarge Stage) Setsuo Yamamoto 2:03
19 Boss 1 Setsuo Yamamoto 0:25
20 Boss 2 Setsuo Yamamoto 1:10
21 Stage Complete (Stage Clear) Setsuo Yamamoto 0:09
22 You Got a New Weapon (Get a Weapon) Setsuo Yamamoto 0:43
23 Stage Select 2 Setsuo Yamamoto 0:47
24 Sigma Stage 1 Setsuo Yamamoto 2:03
25 Sigma Stage 2 Setsuo Yamamoto 2:16
26 Sigma Stage 3 Setsuo Yamamoto 1:53
27 Sigma Stage 4 Setsuo Yamamoto 0:49
28 Sigma 1 (Sigma 1st) Setsuo Yamamoto 0:48
29 Sigma Rebirth Setsuo Yamamoto 0:10
30 Sigma 2 (Sigma 2nd) Setsuo Yamamoto 2:00
31 Dr. Light Capsule (Dr. Right) Setsuo Yamamoto 0:43
32 Ending Setsuo Yamamoto 1:48
33 Cast Roll Setsuo Yamamoto 2:00
34 Staff Credits (Staff Roll) Setsuo Yamamoto 1:55
35 SE Unknown 3:25