Masamichi Yamazaki

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Masamichi Yamazaki
Local 山崎 正通 (やまざき まさみち)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Masamichi Yamazaki is a Japanese composer who worked for Human. He appears to have worked for Human around 1986 and left around 1996.

Music Development


Yamazaki used Tohru Hayashi's sound driver, which utilized Music Macro Language.


Released Title Sample Notes
1986-03-13 Gyrodine (FC) (ジャイロダイン) Composer?
1986-10-21 Pro Wrestling: Famicom Wrestling Association (FDS) (プロレス)
1991-04-19 Chacha-Maru Panic (GB) (茶々丸パニック)
1991-05-31 Egypt (FC) (エジプト) With Hiroyuki Sekiguchi.
1991-08-02 Chachamaru Writing Adventure 3: Tower of Abyss (GB) (茶々丸冒険記3:アビスの塔)
1991-12-13 Super Soccer (SNES) (スーパーフォーメーションサッカー)
1993-05-28 SOS (SNES) (セプテントリオン)
1993-06-11 Super Formation Soccer II (SFC) (スーパーフォーメーションサッカー 2)
1993-12-24 F1 Pole Position 2 (SNES) (ヒューマングランプリ2)
1994-??-?? The Firemen (SNES) (ザ・ファイヤーメン) Sound Effects
1994-06-17 Super Formation Soccer 94 (SFC) (スーパーフォーメーションサッカー94)
1994-06-28 Taekwon-Do (SFC) (テコンドー) Sound Effects
1994-08-12 Super Final Match Tennis (SFC) (スーパーファイナルマッチテニス)
1994-09-22 Super Formation Soccer 94: World Cup Final Data (SFC) (スーパーフォーメーションサッカー94 ワールドカップファイナルデータ)
1995-02-03 Wrestling Universe: Fire Pro Woman (TGCD) (ファイプロ女子 憧夢超女大戦 全女 vs JWP) Sound Effects
1995-03-31 Super Formation Soccer 95: della Serie A (SFC)
1996-03-29 Super Formation Soccer 96: World Club Edition (SFC)
1998-03-27 AirBoarder 64 (N64) (エアーボーダー64) Sound Director
SE & Music Composition