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Masakatsu Maekawa
Masakatsu Maekawa - 02.png
Local 前川 征克 (まえかわ まさかつ)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases M. Maekawa, Kiyochan, Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi Maekawa, Kiyoshida, Nonbei Kiyoshi, Senkan Kiyoshi, Shinkon Kiyoshi, Sinkon Kiyoshi, Rich Kiyosi, T S Kiyoshi, まーすけ (Maasuke), KIYOSI まえかわ (Kiyosi Maekawa), かげきとし (Kagekiyoshi), ぶるじょあ きよし (Bourgeois Kiyoshi), センカン キヨシ (Senkan Kiyoshi), 有限会社ミュージックワークス (Music Worx Inc.)

Masakatsu Maekawa (better known as Kiyoshi) is a Japanese composer, sound designer, and sound programmer. After graduating from university, he joined Now Production and worked as music and sound composer, as well as sound programmer. Since he worked for Now Production, a company that usually worked with companies like Namco and Hudson Soft, he got the chance to work on some of their series such as Genpei Toumaden, Adventure Island and Super Power League. He started out mainly working on the NES and TurboGrafx-16, with some of his best known works including Youkai Douchuuki, Dragon Spirit, Final Soldier, and Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu.

In 1994, he left Now Production and founded his own music company Music Worx. His colleague Koji Kobayashi also works for the company, as well as being a former Now Production member. For his company, he has scored many memorable games including Expert and Dungeon Creator. Around 2015, Maekawa started a game development studio called Takumi & Innovation, and left Music Worx in the hands of Kobayashi.

Music Development


For Goemon: New Age Shutsudou!, Masakatsu used Nintendo's MP2K sound driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-06-24 Youkai Douchuuki (FC) (妖怪道中記) With Naomi Ide.
1989-04-14 Dragon Spirit: The New Legend (NES) (ドラゴンスピリット: 新たなる伝説)
1990-03-16 Genpei Toumaden (PCE) (源平討魔伝)
1990-07-13 Bravoman (TG16) (超絶倫人ベラボーマン)
1990-12-?? Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (NES) (ジャッキーチェン)
1990-12-14 Jumpin' Kid: Jack and the Beanstalk Story (FC) (ジャンピンキッド:ジャックと豆の木物語)
1990-??-?? Yo! Noid (NES)
1991-01-18 Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (TG16) (ジャッキーチェン)
1991-07-05 Final Soldier (PCE) (ファイナルソルジャー)
1991-02-?? Adventure Island 2 (NES) Sound Driver
1991-12-06 Doraemon: Nobita no Dorabian Night (PCE) (ドラえもん のび太のドラビアンナイト) Sound Sequencing
1992-02-?? Adventure Island (GB) (高橋名人の冒険島II)
1992-05-29 Doraemon: Nobita no Dorabian Night (PCCD) (ドラえもん のび太のドラビアンナイト) Sound Effects
1992-07-31 Adventure Island III (NES) (高橋名人の冒険島III) Special Thanks
1992-08-04 Splatterhouse 2 (GEN) (スプラッターハウスPART2) Sound Programmer
1992-12-25 Battle Space (GB) (バトルスペース)
1993-??-?? Rolling Thunder 3 (GEN) Sound Programmer
1993-02-26 Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise (GB) (高橋名人の冒険島III)
1993-03-18 Splatterhouse 3 (GEN) (スプラッターハウスPART3) Sound Supervisor
1993-06-25 Power Tennis (PCE) (パワーテニス)
1993-08-06 Super Power League (SFC) (スーパーパワーリーグ)
1993-08-08 Momotarou Dengeki: Momotaro Thunderbolt (GB) (桃太郎電劇)
1993-09-24 Go! Go! Dodge League (SFC) (GO!GO!ドッジリーグ)
1993-10-08 Kattobi Road (GB) (カットビロード) Sound Supervisor
1993-10-22 Miracle Girls (SFC) (ミラクルガールズ ともみとみかげの不思議世界の大冒険) Music Programmer
1993-12-02 Super Mahjong 2: Honkaku 4Jin Uchi (SFC)
1993-12-22 King of the Monsters 2 (SNES) (キング・オブ・ザ・モンスターズ2) Sound Programmer
1994-??-?? Pac-Attack (GG)
1994-02-11 Super Zugan: Hakotenjou kara no Shoutai (SFC) (スーパーヅガン ハコテン城からの招待状)
1994-08-03 Super Power League 2 (SFC) (スーパーパワーリーグ2)
1994-08-12 Super Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium 2 (SFC) (スーパー究極ハリキリスタジアム2) Music Programmer
1994-11-25 Super Mahjong 3 (SFC) (スーパー麻雀3 辛口)
1995-02-24 Farland Story (SFC)
1995-06-?? The Sporting News: Baseball (SNES)
1995-07-21 Super V.G. - Variable Geo (SFC)
1995-08-10 Super Power League 3 (SFC) (スーパーパワーリーグ3)
1995-11-?? Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament U.S.A. '97 (DOS) Sound Effects
1995-12-08 Pro Stadium (3DO)
1995-12-22 3x3 Eyes: Juuma Houkan (SFC) (サザンアイズ ~獣魔奉還~)
1995-12-22 Shogi Zanmai (SFC) (将棋三昧) Composer? / Sound Driver
1995-12-22 Farland Story 2 (SFC)
1996-03-08 Jissen Pachinko Hisshouhou! 2 (SFC)
1996-05-31 Expert (PS1) (エキスパート)
1996-05-31 Dungeon Creator (PS1) (ダンジョンクリエイター)
1996-08-09 Super Power League 4 (SFC) (スーパーパワーリーグ4)
1997-02-28 Azito (PS1) (アジト)
1998-01-01 Super Live Stadium (PS1) (スーパーライブスタジアム)
1998-01-29 Farland Saga (SS)
1998-05-29 Pachinko 365 Nichi (N64) (パチンコ365日)
1999-02-18 Mahoutsukai ni Naru Houhou (PS1) (魔法使いになる方法)
1999-05-28 Last Legion UX (N64) (ラストレジオンUX) Sound Programmer
2000-04-14 Seihai Densetsu (GBC) (聖牌伝説)
2000-12-07 Big League Slugger Baseball (PS1)
2002-02-28 Goemon: New Age Shutsudou! (GBA) (ゴエモン:ニューエイジ出動!)
2011-04-27 Clash of Elementalists (NDSi) (バトル オブ エレメンタル)
2013-12-04 Iron Combat: War in the Air (3DS) (燐光のランツェ)
Unreleased Jinryu Senki (NG) Sound Effects

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