Masaaki Kikuta

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Masaaki Kikuta
Local 菊田 昌昭 (きくた まさあき)
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Kiku

Masaaki Kikuta is a programmer and composer at Hudson Soft. He single-handedly developed much of the earliest Famicom games of the 1980s, but only one (Raid on Bungeling Bay) made it to the NES.

He is responsible for programming cheat codes on the NES with that string in it.

Music Development


He wrote the music in 6502 assembly. His musical style sounds similar to Nick Eastridge. His driver would later be used by composer Toshiyuki Sasagawa.


Released Title Sample Notes
1984-07-28 Nuts & Milk (FC) (ナッツ&ミルク)
1985-02-22 Raid on Bungeling Bay (NES) (バンゲリングベイ)
1985-10-15 Challenger (FC) (チャレンジャー)
Sound Driver
1985-12-19 Binary Land (FC) (バイナリィランド)


In most of the games he developed, he used the name "Kiku". His name was only used on cheat codes.