Marvin Glass and Associates

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Marvin Glass and Associates
Marvin Glass and Associates - 01.jpg
Founded 1941
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Other Names Marvin Glass & Associates, MGA

Marvin Glass and Associates was an American arcade developer, founded by Marvin Glass (1914-1974) when he was 27. They originally created toys, but when they were contracted by Bally Midway, they started creating arcade games. The company only developed six titles; Tapper, Domino Man, Journey, Timber, Turbo Tag, and Wacko. The latter title was unreleased, but the ROM was dumped and is now playable.

Several MGA staff later started Big Monster Toys, which still exists to this day, however, they do not make video games. Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton founded Incredible Technologies, which still exists to this day, and is known for the Golden Tee Golf series.


Music Development

Richard Ditton programmed MGA's arcade sound driver which utilized two AY-3-8910 PSG chips running at 2 MHz. To create the music, a Synclavier was connected to the arcade and music was played live into the arcade. However, the earlier games may have been written in Z80 assembly, because of the accuracy of the timing of the notes.

Audio Personnel