Markus Müller

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Markus Müller
Markus Müller.jpg
Gender Male
Born 1971-03-14
Birth Place
Nationality German   Germany.svg
Aliases Marcus Miller
Markus Mueller

Markus Müller is a synthesizer musician.

In 1985, Müller got his first computer, a Commodore 64. He played many games, starting with Apple Cider Spider (C64). He first became known on 1987-05-16 as a composer in the demoscene. Programmer Andras Molnar joined him on 1987-12-13, and Müller helped him develop music software from 1988-05-21 to 1990. Müller entered the 64'er music competition 1988, but did not make top ten. From 1989 to 1992, they created games as Hitech Studio Designs.

Müller works as a senior software engineer, an agile coach, and continues to reside in Middle Franconia with his wife. He collects instruments, especially synthesizers, and plays the piano, electric guitar, and drums. Other hobbies include his garden, RPGs, science fiction, technology, video, and formerly martial arts.

Audio Development


Müller arranged in Noisetracker and took all samples from a Kawai K4. He regrets selling the K1 for that K4 and replaced the Amiga by a PC after three months.

Commodore 64

Müller arranged in Advanced Music Programmer and also used the SID chip's inconsistent filters. In VICE 3.2, his audio sounds best with 6581 (ReSID) and a bias of around 375, although how close it is to what he arranged on is unconfirmed.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-0?-?? Raster Runner (C64)
199?-??-?? Warrior (C64) Demo Music.
1991-09-?? Mechanicus (C64)
1991-1?-?? Advanced Music Programmer (C64)
1992-1?-?? Reflexity (AMI)

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