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Markt & Technik Verlag AG

Markt & Technik Verlag is a German publisher of books.

They published:

  • Happy-Computer (first issue Hobby-Computer; monthly 1983–1990): type-ins, courses, competitions, reviews and interviews for every platform.
  • 64'er (monthly 1984–1999): Commodore 64 software, courses, competitions, reviews and interviews. Initially, software was printed as type-ins and could additionally be ordered on disk. Starting with 64'er 11/89, software over three pages was available on disk only. In March 1994, Markt & Technik transferred 64'er to their subsidiary Magna Media Verlag.
  • 64'er Sonderheft (special issue; 1985–1993): one theme per issue.
  • 64'er Extra: one software per issue.
  • 64'er-Disc: only one issue despite "quite good" sales.
  • Power Play (1987–2000): reviews and interviews for every platform.
  • Amiga-Magazin (1987–2009)
  • Stand-alone software.

Aforementioned software and courses were made by readers and include games and music making. Every issue, one software was awarded Listing of the month or Application of the month.


Audio Personnel

Two competitions launched the careers of Chris Hülsbeck and Manfred Trenz. Hülsbeck and Georg Brandt submitted at least one music demo and music editor each. Both editors won aforementioned awards.

Teenagers Stefan Siegert, Dirk Bialluch and Markus Müller participated in the 1988 music competition. Siegert ranked 1st, Bialluch 3rd. Müller was not mentioned. His entry was probably first released in 2007 by HVSC.

Markt & Technik connected the developers of Nippon (C64) with Urs Heckmann.