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Mark Riley
Birth Place
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Mark Riley is a video game developer of unknown origin, possibly either American or English. He developed Sonix for the Commodore Amiga. The program was used by many software developers to create music and sound for the Commodore Amiga, but most of the time, Mark went uncredited. His only known video game credit is the Amiga version of A-10 Tank Killer. There is also a Mark Riley credited for programming computer games, but it is unknown if this is the same person.

Audio Development


As stated above, Mark used his own music software, Sonix. The software required its user to enter music on a musical staff.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-??-?? 4x4 Off-Road Racing (AMI) Sound Driver
1988-??-?? Alternate Reality: The City (AMI) Sound Driver
1988-??-?? California Games (AMI) Sound Driver
1988-??-?? The Games: Winter Edition (AMI) SONIX Music Driver
1988-??-?? Rocket Ranger (AMI) Sound Driver
1988-??-?? TV Sports: Football (AMI) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? It Came From The Desert (AMI) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? War in Middle Earth (AMI) Sonix Music Player
1989-??-?? Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? (AMI) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? Where the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (AMI) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? Where the World is Carmen Sandiego? (AMI) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Antheads: It Came From The Desert II (AMI) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? NY Warriors (AMI) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Spirit of Excalibur (AMI) Amiga music player
1990-??-?? Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (AMI) Sound Driver
1991-??-?? A-10 Tank Killer (AMI)
1991-??-?? ABC Wide World Of Sports Boxing (AMI) (TV Sports: Boxing) Sound Driver
1991-??-?? Stellar 7 (AMI) Sound Driver
1992-??-?? Bo Jackson Baseball (AMI) Sound Driver