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Mark Edward Ortiz
Birth Place
Nationality British   UK.svg

Mark Ortiz is a British composer and sound designer, known for his work with Tiertex. He joined Tiertex in 1995 and composed a great deal of SNES and Game Boy games and is notable for being one of the very few composers who bothered creating additional Super Game Boy soundtracks.

Music Development


Ortiz created MIDI files that were converted to Tiertex's custom sound engine by Donald Campbell. For Madden NFL 98 and NBA Live 98, he used the SNES Music and Sound Generator by Jason Andersen and John Schappert.


Ortiz wrote his music using Cakewalk for his earlier games at Tiertex, which Donald Campbell converted to .txt files to be read by his driver. Ortiz also used Campbell's sound engine for his first few Game Boy Color games, before switching to MusyX, a MIDI-based sound engine developed by Factor 5.


Released Title Sample Notes
1996-??-?? Olympic Summer Games: Atlantis 1996 (GEN)
1996-??-?? NBA Live 96 (GB) Composer?
1996-04-?? Pocahontas (GB) With John Prince.
1996-05-?? Toy Story (GB) Arranger of Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra, and Randy Newman's music.
1996-06-?? Olympic Summer Games (GB)
1996-06-27 Olympic Summer Games (SNES)
1996-11-?? FIFA Soccer 97 (GB)
1996-11-?? Madden 97 (GB)
1997-03-?? The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Topsy Turvy Games (GB)
1997-07-?? Hercules (GB)
1997-08-?? Brunswick World Tournament of Champions (SNES)
1997-11-?? Madden NFL 98 (SNES)
1997-11-?? Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games (SNES)
1997-12-?? FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (GB)
1998-03-?? NBA Live 98 (SNES)
1998-10-?? Mulan (GB)
1998-11-?? Small Soldiers (GB)
1998-12-?? A Bug's Life (GBC)
1998-12-?? Men in Black: The Series (GBC)
1999-08-?? NHL 2000 (GBC)
1999-08-?? Madden NFL 2000 (GBC)
1999-11-?? Toy Story 2 (GBC)
1999-11-30 FIFA 2000 (GBC)
2000-05-05 Rugrats: Totally Angelica (GBC)
2000-10-31 Championship Motocross 2000 Featuring Ricky Carmichael (GBC)
2000-11-10 Bob the Builder: Fix it Fun! (GBC)
2000-12-07 Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem (GBC)
2000-12-19 F1 Championship Season 2000 (GBC)
2000-12-31 Noddy and the Birthday Party (GBC)
2001-02-28 Toy Story Racer (GBC)
2001-03-27 Rocket Power: Gettin' Air (GBC)
2001-08-24 Stuart Little: The Journey Home (GBC)
2001-09-27 MX 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael (GBA)
2001-10-19 Tweenies: Doodles' Bones (GBC)
2002-06-17 LEGO Soccer Mania (GBA)
2002-10-25 Ace Lightning (GBA)
2002-10-29 Galidor: Defender of the Outer Dimension (GBA)
2003-??-?? Carrera Power Slide (GBA)