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Mark Alan Knight
Mark Knight1.jpg
Born 1973-01-08
Birth Place Brighton, East Sussex, England
Nationality English   England.svg
Aliases The Mad Fiddler

Mark Knight is an English composer and sound designer. His work ranges from the early 90s to this day. He has also received numerous awards for his audio contributions.

Mark started out in the games industry when he joined Mindscape's UK division in August 1992. In March 1997, the studio closed its doors and Mark moved on to Bullfrog Productions later that year, where he worked on the music and sound to a few of their titles. Around the same time, he was also working as a sound designer for Electronic Arts. In 2003, Mark left the two companies to work for Climax and Visual Science before returning to Electronic Arts in March 2006. However, the studio closed its doors later that year. Mark then started working at Codemasters near the end of 2007. He started there as a Lead Sound Designer, and then promoted to Group Lead Sound Designer, before going back to being a composer and sound designer so he could work to creating audio. His career at Codemasters spanned almost a decade. Mark later worked at other game companies such as 704Games, FunFair Technologies, and SONiC FUEL, holding various audio positions.

Today, Mark currently works at BeamNG as a sound designer.

Music Development

Game Gear

The only game Mark Knight composed for the Game Gear was Battleship. However, he wasn't involved with the Game Gear version's development. Instead, his MIDI files were given to the game's conversion team (Kalisto) and the MIDI files were implemented in the game by Gil Espeche, programming his own custom Z80 sound driver.


Battleship was the only NES game Mark worked on. To create the music for Battleship, Mark used Cubase on the Atari ST. Mark then sent his music to Mindscape. The game uses Nick Eastridge's sound driver, strongly suggesting he arranged Mark's music.


Mark used Protracker 2.3 on the Amiga, composed the music as .MOD files, and Mindscape later converted it to .MED files. His instruments were taken mainly from a Korg 01W. Mark used a sound development system called Berlioz. Mark says that he had no documentation, or support, and was not happy with the level of quality he could get from the system.

It was later discovered that Mark used Sculptured Software's audio system, BMus.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-??-?? Wing Commander (AMI)
1991-01-?? D/Generation (DOS)
1992-??-?? Battletoads (AMI) Arranged David Wise's music.
1992-??-?? Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon (AMI)
1993-04-?? Outlander (SNES)
1993-09-?? Battleship (NES)
1993-09-?? Out to Lunch (SNES)
1993-12-?? Mario's Time Machine (SNES)
1993-??-?? Alfred Chicken (AMI) CD32 version only.
1993-??-?? Battleship (GG)
Arranged by Gil Espeche.
1993-??-?? Dangerous Streets / Wing Commander (CD32)
1993-??-?? Liberation (CD32)
1993-??-?? Pierre le Clef is... Out to Lunch (GB) Arranged by Marshall Parker.
1994-02-?? Super Alfred Chicken (SNES)
1994-12-31 Liberation: Captive II (AMI)
1994-??-?? Dragon Lore (DOS) Additional Sound Effects
1994-??-?? Pierre le Chef is... Out to Lunch (AMI)
1995-??-?? Cyberspeed (W32)
1996-11-01 Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat (PS1) With Anthony Bowyer-Lowe and James Hannigan.
1997-09-30 Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (PS1) (デュークニューケム トータルメルトダウン)
1998-03-31 Warhammer: Dark Omen (W32)
1998-04-07 Warhammer: Dark Omen (PSX)
1998-11-30 Populous: The Beginning (W32) With Russell Shaw and Andrew Nuttall.
1999-06-30 Dungeon Keeper 2 (W32)
1999-10-24 Sim Theme Park (PS1) (テーマパークワールド) Arranged by Matthew Simmonds.
1999-10-31 Sim Theme Park (W32) With James Hannigan, Richard Joseph, Adele Kellett, Nick Laviers, Bill Lusty, Rebecca Parnell, and Elaine Williams.
1999-??-?? Populous: The Beginning (PS1)
1999-??-?? Sim Theme Park (W32)
2000-02-29 Superbike 2000 (PS1) Team Audio: Soundtrack Mixing
2000-12-04 Theme Park Roller Coaster (PS2)
2001-03-26 Quake III Revolution (PS2) (クエイクⅢ レボリューション) With Adele Kellett, Nick Laviers, Bill Lusty, and Elaine Williams.
2001-09-20 F1 2001 (PS2) Lead Sound Designer
2002-04-04 F1 2002 (XBOX)
2002-06-07 F1 2002 (W32)
2002-09-16 Links 2003 (W32)
2002-09-27 Shox (PS2) (ラリーショックス) Technical Audio Lead
2002-11-14 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (W32) Additional Sound Design and Dialogue Editing with Lydia Andrew, Jon Newman, and James Slavin.
2002-11-15 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PS1) (ハリー・ポッターと秘密の部屋) Additional Sound Design and Dialogue Editing with Lydia Andrew, Jon Newman, and James Slavin.
2003-06-27 F1 Career Challenge (GC)
2003-06-27 F1 Career Challenge (XBOX)
2004-07-20 Sudeki (XBOX) (Sudeki 〜千年の暁の物語〜)
2005-03-25 Sudeki (W32)
2008-05-30 GRID (PS3) (Racedriver Grid)
2008-05-30 GRID (W32)
2008-05-30 GRID (X360) (Racedriver Grid)
2008-08-05 GRID (NDS) Audio with Will Davis, Andrew Grier, and John Davies.
2009-12-04 DiRT 2 (W32) (Colin McRae: DiRT 2)
2010-09-21 F1 2010 (W64)
2011-05-23 DiRT 3 (W64)
2011-05-24 DiRT 3 (PS3)
2011-09-20 F1 2011 (W64)
2011-09-20 F1 2011 (X360)
2011-12-08 Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk (IOS) Arranged Matthew Simmonds' music.
2012-05-23 DiRT Showdown (W64)
2012-05-23 DiRT Showdown (X360)
2012-09-17 F1 2012 (W64)
2012-11-13 F1 Race Stars (PS3)
2013-05-27 GRID 3 (W64)
2013-10-03 F1 2013 (PS3)
2013-10-03 F1 2013 (X360)
2014-10-16 F1 2014 (W64)
2014-11-11 Toybox Turbos (W64) With Mark Willott.
2015-04-27 DiRT Rally (W64) Racing Studio: Central Audio: Group Lead Audio Designer
2015-05-29 (W64) With Sebastian Emling.
2015-07-09 F1 2015 (W64)
2015-07-09 F1 2015 (XONE)
2015-10-19 Overlord: Fellowship of Evil (W64) With Michiel van den Bos.
2016-07-12 Micro Machines (IOS) With Mark Willott.
2016-08-18 F1 2016 (W64)
2016-10-13 Shadow Warrior 2 (W64) Flying Wild Hog: Sound with Katarzyna Bonikowska, Aleksander Grochocki and Miho Mizumachi.
2017-08-24 F1 2017 (W64)