Main Theme - Super Family Circuit (SFC)

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Main Theme
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Super Family Circuit - SFC - Gameplay 1.png
Composer Nobuyuki Ohnogi
Programmer Junko Ozawa
Released 1994-10-21
Length 3:03
BPM 122
Format SPC.png
Game Super Family Circuit (SFC)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes
This page is for the Super Family Circuit (SFC) song. For other uses, see Main Theme.

Main Theme is the song that plays during a race in Super Family Circuit. Unlike the previous games in the series which play the song Race BGM, this game plays its own original tune, and is the only song in the game not to be used from other games in the series. However, Family Circuit '91 does not have in-game music at all.

The song was composed by Nobuyuki Ohnogi in assembly into Junko Ozawa's sound driver.