Machines of Destruction (W32)

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Machines of Destruction
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2004
Developer: Ben Tilbrook
Online: Download

Machines of Destruction is a top-down vehicle racing game where destroying your opponents is half the fun. As an added feature, the game supports TCP/IP network gaming. In each race you try to hurry your way around the deadly track, while at the same time blasting your opponents. This is, unfortunately, an extremely difficult task due to the speed of the game and the small amount of visible area of the map. Unless you have extremely fast reflexes, most of the game will be spent running into walls. The game uses the keyboard to move your vehicle and the mouse to rotate and target your weapons turret. This can make the game even harder because you can seriously limit your visibility by doing so. The game has a time-tested theme, but it's executed poorly.


Machines of Destruction - W32 - Title.png

The title screen.

Machines of Destruction - W32 - Combat.png

Running into walls, as usual

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Machines of Destruction is very violent and destructive game, so its soundtrack which is composed of electronic metal beats is very fitting. There are only six tracks total in the soundtrack, but each one fits nicely as background music.

While the music in Machines of Destruction doesn't directly credit a composer, the only name on any of the game's documentation is the developer, Ben Tilbrook, so his name is attributed to the music's credit.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Astech 5 Ben Tilbrook 2:03
02 Elec 3P 3X Ben Tilbrook 3:20
03 Elec 6 Ben Tilbrook 4:02
04 Elec 7 P2 Ben Tilbrook 3:12
05 Elec Astech Ben Tilbrook 4:24
06 Nash - Destruction Anthem Ben Tilbrook 2:43



Game Rip



XM.png IT.png WAV.png



The XM and IT files are placed in the .\music folder in the installed folder. The WAV sound effects are located both in the root installed folder and the .\snd folder.


  World.svg   World
Title: Machines of Destruction
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-02-29
Publisher: Fallen Angel Industries