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Maarten D. Smit
Maarten Smit - 01.jpg
Born 1959-02-05
Birth Place
Nationality Dutch   Netherlands.svg
Aliases M.D. Smit

Maarten Smit is a Dutch pianist and composer.

From ages 9 to 17, Smit had piano lessons at local music school. He loves improvizing, preserves emerging compositions using music notation software, uploads them under a Creative Commons license since spring 2007, and accompanies theater.

While Smit is not officially connected to games, professional developer Karl Hörnell discovered his 4 Honky Tonk Types No. 3 from 2005 and transcribed three sections as chiptunes for his retro game Iceblox Plus.

Smit lives in Workum, Súdwest-Fryslân, Friesland, Netherlands with his wife, two children and a dog. He used to work as a biologist, but has worked in the local hospital's IT ever after.


Released Title Sample Notes
2018-01-07 Iceblox Plus (C64)
Arranged by Karl Hörnell.
2018-12-31 Iceblox Plus (AST)
Arranged by Karl Hörnell.

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