MUS (Mojang AB)

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Musical Format
MUS (Mojang AB).png
Developer: Mojang AB
Header: Unknown
Content: PCM
Instruments: Intrinsic
Target Output
Output - Digital Audio.png Output - MIDI - No.png Output - FM Synthesis - No.png Output - PSG - No.png
Released: 2011-??-??
First Game: Minecraft (W32)
  • *.mus

Musical format (the full name is a guess) is the custom music format for storing the sound of the 13 of 15 (except 13.ogg and cat.ogg) music discs, created for the game not later than in August of 2011. The reason for creating new format was to prevent the copying of the music; the originals were converted to it from OGG.



There are no known players for this format.




MUS to ?


? to MUS


Released Title Sample
2011-11-18 Minecraft (W32)

How to obtain

Since the format was used in only one game, the way of the music is \.minecraft\resources\steaming in Windows, Linux and Mac ports. They are always left "as is".


Most probably the MUS files are just OGG with removed headers, however, it's still need to be verified.