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MMC5 - Laser Invasion.jpg
Developer: Nintendo
Released: 1990-02-02
Type: Chip

1.) Pulse Wave
2.) Pulse Wave
3.) PCM

The MMC5 or Memory Management Controller 5, is a chip made by Nintendo and used as a memory mapper and audio expander for their Nintendo Entertainment System games. This is the 5th expanded mapper made in the series. The chip gives an additional 1 KB of RAM to work with, several graphic enhancements, and additional audio capabilities. The chip was first used in the Japanese release of Nobunaga's Ambition II (NES) on February 2nd, 1990, although it was designed prior to this date. The MMC5 was one of the more popular memory management controllers in the series, because of its very useful technical improvements, but since it was also the most expensive chip, few companies outside of Nintendo used it. In total, only around 15 games use the chip.

The audio additions of the MMC5 give games two additional square wave channels to work with (in additional the NES's 2 built-in pulse wave channels), and an extra 8-bit PCM channel.



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Emulation Status

Some of the more impressive NES emulators emulate this chip accurately, as does FamiTracker.