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Player - MEdit.png
Creator Leslie Long
Released N/A
Platform DOS

MEdit (also known as the Ocean MIDI Editor) is a tracker program designed by Barry Leitch and coded by Leslie Long. It was used in-house at Ocean Software and used to composed video game music for their DOS and SNES games. The program was modeled after another tracker, OctaMED, which Ocean used to make their Amiga soundtracks. Like other trackers, you plot notes and manipulate them, and you have the ability to make your own samples.

The program uses a single format called MED, however, in order to keep track of which song was optimized for which device, the composers would give the files different extensions based on their output device. The extensions weren't mandatory, and many musicians used their own extensions, but these are the most popular ones.

Extension Devices Notes
ADL, ALB OPL2 Any OPL2 compatible device: AdLib, Sound Blaster, etc.
LAP, RLD LAPC-I, MT-32 Both devices function identically.
SC1, SCC SC-55, SCC-1 Both devices function identically.

For Super NES music, the program required a plug-in that would emulate the SNES's S-SMP chip. Because the program was only used in-house, it was never refined for mass use, and therefore was never released to the public until the 2010s.


The following composers used MEdit:


Version Download Platform
1.0 Download - (info) DOS