Lukasz Babieno

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Lukasz Babieno
Lukasz Babieno.jpg
Local Łukasz Babieno
Born 19??-??-??
Birth Place Poland
Nationality Polish   Poland.svg

Łukasz Babieno worked as an assistant designer at Transprojekt after graduating university in Krakow, but two years later found his vocation as a video game musician and artist. He primarily composes for Bloober Team.

Music Development

Łukasz uses Samplitude and SoundForge.


Released Title Sample
2010-03-25 History Egypt: Engineering an Empire (W32)
2010-09-29 Future Fight: Battle Prologue (PSP)
2010-10-06 Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder (PSP)
2010-02-08 Bloons (WII)
2011-02-05 Fish Tank (PSP)
2012-02-22 A-Men (VITA)
2012-08-01 Alien Breed (IOS)
2013-11-05 A-Men 2 (VITA)
2015-10-22 Layers of Fear (XONE)
2016-02-04 Green Game: TimeSwapper (W64)
2016-08-02 Layers of Fear: Inheritance (W64)
2016-09-29 Serial Cleaner (W64)
2017-08-15 Observer (W64)
2020-11-10 Observer: System Redux (W64)

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