Love Theme

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Love Theme
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Ultima 7 - DOS - Love Theme.png
Composer Raymond Benson
Arranger Dana Glover
Programmer Herman Miller
Released 1992-04-16
Length 1:00.36
BPM 100
Format MIDI.png
Game Ultima VII: The Black Gate (DOS)
Title Origin Official
Loops No

Love Theme is song from a Ultima VII: The Black Gate (DOS) composed by the game's head writer, Raymond Benson. It is the only track Benson composed for the game, and one of the few tracks in the game that wasn't composed by Dana Glover.

Love Theme plays while you're talking to Nastassia, at her house in Cove, and when you speak to the Emps about Nastassia's father, Julius. If you're playing a male character, Nastassia becomes your love interest, if you're female, you develop a sisterly-like bond.

This song is track 26 in the game's data files.

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The official title is mentioned in the game's credits. The song was also officially released on the Origin Soundtrack Series, Vol. 2 album with the same title. It is the middle part of track 4, sandwiched between Chamber Music and Passion Play, as well as on the Origin Soundtrack Series, Vol. 2 album.

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