Konami Kukeiha Club

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Konami Kukeiha Club
Local コナミ矩形波倶楽部 (こなみくけいはくらぶ)
Born 1987-??-??
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

The Konami Kukeiha Club (Konami Square Wave Club) was a group of sound designers who worked for Konami, founded in 1987. It is unknown whether they were a sound team or a band.

The group is believed to have disbanded around the late 90s, due to some of the composers leaving to pursue freelance work.

Audio Personnel

Note: Each member of the group had their own pseudonyms for the group. They will be listed here in parentheses.


Note: The games listed here are games that list the Konami Kukeiha Club in their credits.

Released Title Sample Notes
1988-09-16 Track & Field II (NES) (コナミックスポーツインソウル) Credited in Japanese version only.