Kill the S.O.B.

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Kill the S.O.B.
Composer Bobby Prince
Released 1992-05-05
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Kill the S.O.B. (S.O.B. means Son Of a Bitch) is the Wolfenstein 3D song. The track is special because it has a Morse Code message embedded in it. The Morse Code reads:

To Big Bad Wolf.
De Little Red Riding Hood.
Eliminate Hitler. Imperative. Complete mission within 24 hours. Out.

In Morse language "De" means "From".

Bobby Prince originally composed the song using Sequencer Plus Gold and, being fluent in Morse Code, added the Morse into the track manually.

The name is verified by in-game jukebox.


Wolfenstien 3D (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Wolfenstein 3D (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
Wolfenstein 3D - DOS - E3M1.png
Released 1992-05-05
Length 1:54
Format IMF

This track is played in E3M1, E3M5, E6M1 and E6M5 of Wolfenstein 3D (DOS).

Kill the S.O.B. is track #7 in the game's data files, and the IMF meta tag title is "INTROCW3" probably meaning "Intro Castle Wolfenstein." The "3" may be short for "3D" or for "Episode 3," as the song is played in the first mission of episode 3. This song is not included in the shareware release of the game.

Wolfenstien 3D (WEB)

Platform - WEB.png
Wolfenstein 3D (WEB)
Released 2012-05-05
Format UNK