Kenichiro Isoda

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Kenichirō Isoda
Local 磯田 健一郎 (いそだ けんいちろう)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases K. Isoda
Nazo-1 Kenken

Kenichirō Isoda is a Japanese composer, sound designer, programmer, and music producer. He started working on music while he was in college. He played in bands and worked on music for several genres including New Wave, Okinawan, and healing music. In 1999, he served as music director for the film "Nabbie no Koi" and in 2002 for "Hotel Hibiscus," both of which won the Mainichi Film Concours Music Award. In 2000, he formed the band "Toybox" with saxophonist Shoji Oshiro and flutist Michimoto Kinowaki. He continues to work on film scoring and screenwriting. In addition, Isoda also writes books about music.

Starting in the late 80's, he started working on video game music alongside his brother Shigeharu Isoda. He is known for his arrangements for Ys, Galaga '88, and Darius. He has also contributed arrangements for Namco's Video Game Music Library.

In the mid-90's, Isoda left the industry, though returned to work on one game in 2004. His band, "Toybox" also released an album under the WaveMaster label for which his brother worked for.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-12-09 Space Harrier (TG16) (スペースハリアー)
Music Editor
1989-08-04 Fantasy Zone (X68) (ファンタジーゾーン) Music Composer / Arranger
1989-11-17 Gozonji: Yaji Kita Chin Douchuu (FC) (御存知 弥次喜多珍道中) With Tohru Inoue and Shigeharu Isoda; Arranged by Hideki Kanazashi and Hiroaki Suga.
1990-??-?? Darius Alpha (PCE) (ダライアス・アルファ) Music Driver with Shigeharu Isoda.
1990-03-16 Super Darius (PCCD) (スーパーダライアス) Music Driver with Shigeharu Isoda.
1990-06-30 Galaga '88 (X68) (ギャラガ'88) Arranger
1990-09-28 After Burner II (PCE) (アフターバーナーⅡ) With Shigeharu Isoda.
1990-09-21 Darius Plus (PCE) (ダライアスプラス) Music Driver with Shigeharu Isoda.
1991-09-25 Cameltry (X68) (キャメルトライ) Music Arrange
1992-06-26 Tougi-Ou: King Colossus (SMD) (闘技王 キングコロッサス) Sound Director
1992-10-30 Bio-Hazard Battle (GEN) (クライング 亜生命戦争)
Sound Director
2004-03-18 Astro Boy (PS2) (ASTRO BOY 鉄腕アトム) Music Advisor