Keiichi Maruyama

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Keiichi Maruyama
Maruyama keiichi.jpg
Local 丸山 恵市 (まるやま けいいち)
Born c. 1957
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases 丸山 惠市
Not to be confused with Kei Maruyama.

Keiichi Maruyama is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked at Toshiba EMI.

Audio Development

It is unknown exactly how Keiichi created game music, but it is thought that he wrote the music on sheet music paper or used some kind of tangible media (tape recordings, etc.) which was given to the programmers of the games to implement into the game. Because Keiichi worked for Toshiba EMI, a company that did not develop games, it is unlikely he was experienced with audio programming.


Released Title Sample Notes
1985-??-?? Hydlide (MSX) (ハイドライド) Composer?
1986-01-?? Hydlide II: Shrine of Darkness (FM7) (ハイドライドⅡ) Music arranged by Shigeru Tomita, Takayuki Matsui, and Manabu Fujimoto.
1986-03-18 Hydlide (NES) (ハイドライド・スペシャル)
Theme Song Composition; Arranged by Eiji Kato.
1985-??-?? Pachicom (MSX) (パチコン)
Unknown arranger.
1985-11-21 Pachicom (FC) (パチコン)
Unknown arranger.
1986-06-03 Bird Week (FC) (バードウィーク) Composer?
1986-12-05 Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia (FC) (ディーヴァ ストーリー6 ナーサティア王座) With Daisuke Asakura. Arranged by Shigeru Tomita.
1987-05-24 Dynamite Bowl (FC) (ダイナマイトボウル) Unknown arranger.
1987-??-?? Dynamite Bowl (MSX2) Unknown arranger.
1987-??-?? Pachicom (PC88) (パチコン) Unknown arranger.
1988-10-04 Pachicom (FDS) (パチコン)
Unknown arranger.


While it appears Keiichi never used aliases in his career, in the manual for Dynamite Bowl, the first kanji in his first name is , when it should actually be .