Katsumi Tanaka

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Katsumi Tanaka
Katsumi Tanaka - 01.jpg
Local 田中 勝巳 (たなか かつみ)
Gender Male
Born 1968-08-16
Birth Place Kasaoka, Okayama, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Mighty K

Katsumi Tanaka is a Japanese composer and sound designer who is known for his numerous works at Compile. He also served as a director for the company.

In 1989, he had met the company's CEO Masamitsu Niitani and joined the company's sales and sound departments. With the company, he has worked on Compile's most popular series such as Aleste and Puyo Puyo. In addition, he also arranged game soundtracks for the company, the first of which being Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen. As a part of the company's sales team, he could also occasionally be seen in the media. He also created an audio subsidiary of compile, LMS Music. Tanaka created the band "Bongo 5", which consisted of former Compile composers. Some argue that he is the most popular out of the Compile sound staff. During his time at Compile, he primarily worked on their CD-based games, which allowed him to showcase his talent. When Compile folded, he joined Aiki for a short time.

Today, Tanaka is retired from the game industry, but continues to write and perform music. He currently goes by Minus Attack on MySpace.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-04-12 Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen (FC) (ゴルビーのパイプライン大作戦) Music Arranger with Toshiaki Sakoda.
1991-07-12 Seirei Senshi Spriggan (PCCD) (精霊戦士スプリガン) With Toshiaki Sakoda, Keiji Takeuchi, and Einosuke Nagao.
1992-04-28 Space Megaforce (SNES) (スーパーアレスタ) With Keiji Takeuchi and Einosuke Nagao.
1992-11-27 Robo Aleste (SCD) (電忍アレスタ) With Satoshi Shimasaki.
1993-10-22 Sylphia (PCCD) (シルフィア) With Keiji Takeuchi, Satoshi Shimasaki, Einosuke Nagao, and Tsuyoshi Matsushima.
1994-04-22 Puyo Puyo CD (PCCD) (ぷよぷよCD) CD/DA Songs Arranger with Satoshi Shimasaki.
CD/DA Songs Producer/Performer.
1995-10-27 Puyo Puyo Tsuu (SAT) (ぷよぷよ通) Various audio roles.
1997-02-14 Puyo Puyo Sun (SAT) (ぷよぷよSUN) With Koji Ohnari, Satoshi Shimasaki, Ko Hayashi, Daisuke Nagata, Osamu Ishikawa, and Einosuke Nagao.
1999-12-16 Puyo Puyo Da! (DC) (ぷよぷよDA!)
1999-12-26 Puyo Puyo Da! (ARC) (ぷよぷよDA!)
2000-09-22 Pocket Puyo Puyo~n (GBC) (ぽけっとぷよぷよ~ん)
2000-12-21 Puyo Puyo Box (PS1) (ぷよぷよBOX) With Ko Hayashi and Daisuke Nagata.
2001-11-29 Zanac X Zanac (PS1) (ザナックXザナック)
2003-12-24 Pochi to Nyaa (ARC) (ポチッとにゃー) With Ko Hayashi and Daisuke Nagata.
2004-10-28 Pochi to Nyaa (PS2) (ポチッとにゃー) With Ko Hayashi and Daisuke Nagata.

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