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Header: Custom
Content: Programmatic
Instruments: Combined
Target Output
Output - Digital Audio - No.png Output - MIDI - No.png Output - FM Synthesis.png Output - PSG.png
Released: ????-??-??
First Game: N/A
  • *.kss

The KSS (perhaps Konami Sound System?) audio format was originally designed to house ripped audio code from the various MSX computer systems, but can also house Sega Master System and Game Gear audio. The format houses the actual sound code and sound data for the songs similar in fashion to the NSF format. Replay requires the emulation not only of the audio chips, but also the Z80 processor.

The KSS format supports several audio architectures, including the MSX PSG for both the AY-3-8910 and the YM2149, the MSX Music standard/FM-Pac (YM2413), the MSX Audio standard (Y8950), and Konami SCC (SCC-I2212, SCC-I2312).

KSS files are often accompanied with an M3U playlist which contains the file's meta data, since the KSS header doesn't support it.





KSS to ?

? to KSS



All games released for the MSX, MSX2, and various other MSX models can have their music ripped to KSS format.

How to Obtain

Ripping KSS files requires an intimate knowledge of Z80 machine code and the audio hardware or several platforms, but luckily, most popular games on these platforms already have their sound ripped to KSS format and can be downloaded from the following sites: