K-Byte (C64 Driver)

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Released 1983-??-??
Programmers K-Byte
Language 6502 Assembly

K-Byte is the unofficial name of the sound driver used in Commodore 64 games, several of which are known to be developed by K-Byte.

Right from the beginning, arrangers could freely modify all registers of the SID chip. In 1985, vibrato and pulse width modulation (PWM) with hard-coded settings were added. In 1988, independent PWM speed for each voice, pitch bends and filter modulation were added.


Released Title Sample Notes
1983-??-?? Defender (C64)
1983-??-?? Dig Dug (C64)
1983-??-?? Donkey Kong (C64)
1983-??-?? Mountain King (C64)
1984-??-?? Math Mileage (C64)
1984-??-?? Pole Position (C64)
1984-??-?? Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round (C64)
1984-??-?? Track & Field (C64)
1984-??-?? WarGames (C64)
1985-??-?? Ballblazer (C64)
1986-0?-?? World Games (C64)
1986-??-?? Crystal Castles (C64)
1987-??-?? Street Sports Basketball (C64)
1988-0?-?? 4x4 Off-Road Racing (C64)
1988-0?-?? Sporting News Baseball (C64)
1988-0?-?? Street Sports Soccer (C64)
1988-??-?? Street Sports Football (C64)