John Romero

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John Romero
John Romero.jpg
Born 1967-10-28
Birth Place Colorado-Springs, Colorado, USA
Nationality American   USA.svg

John Romero is an American game designer and the co-founder of id Software. He is best known for creating the Wolfenstein and Doom series of games.

In his early days of game programming, Romero mostly used the PC Speaker to make brief sound effects. He also programmed an audio tool used in several of id Software's games. He contributed his voice to several German soldiers in Wolfenstein 3D (DOS), and some of them from this port have been reused in later games as well.


Note: Wolfenstein 3D (JAG) shares most of the sound effects with Wolfenstein 3D (SNES), which credits Romero for sound, so it has been added to his gameography.

Released Title Sample Notes
1992-05-05 Wolfenstein 3D (DOS) Voice Action
1992-09-18 Spear of Destiny (DOS) Voice Action
1994-??-?? Wolfenstein 3D (JAG) Sound Effects
1994-??-?? Wolfenstein 3D (SNES) Sound Effects
2008-05-19 Voxelstein 3D (W32) Voice Action
2012-05-05 Wolfenstein 3D (WEB) Voice Action
2012-06-10 Wolfram (W32) Voice Action