Johann Strauss II

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Johann Baptist Strauss II
Johann Strauss - 01.jpg
Gender Male
Born 1825-10-25
Birth Place Vienna, Austrian Empire
Nationality Austrian   Austria.svg
Died 1899-06-03


Because Strauss was not a video game composer, his gameography will be listed in alphabetical order.

Released Title Sample Notes
1989-??-?? Elite (AMI) The Blue Danube; Arranged by Wally Beben.
1988-??-?? Elite (AST) The Blue Danube; Arranged by Wally Beben.
1985-??-?? Elite (C64) The Blue Danube; Arranged by Julie Dunn.
1991-??-?? Elite (NES)
The Blue Danube; Arranged by David Whittaker.
1990-12-21 Ishida Yoshio Tsumego Paradise (GB) (石田芳夫詰碁パラダイス)
Annen-Polka; Unknown arranger.
1990-11-?? Parodius (NES) (パロディウスだ!) Under Thunder and Lightning and Annen-Polka; Arranged by Hiroshi Takeyasu and Tomoya Tomita (with the former song being based on Kazuki Muraoka's arrangement for the original arcade version).
1990-02-?? Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai E (ARC) (パロディウスだ! -神話からお笑いへ-)
Under Thunder and Lightning; Arranged by Kazuki Muraoka.