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Jaws - NES.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1987
Developer: Westone
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Jaws is a game loosely based on the famous movie of the same name. The player controls a boat that must upgrade frequently to kill the shark. To upgrade, they must go underwater. This is where RPG game elements come into play, because you move your boat around the overworld until the game says you hit something. While underwater, the player must kill stingrays and jellyfish that usually drop seashells. These seashells count as currency in this game. Oddly enough, this is the only NES game West One developed, as they only made Sega games, which probably explains why the game isn't all that good, because the programmers had to learn 6502 assembly language. Plus, the game was made entirely by three people: Ryuichi Nishizawa did the graphics, Michishito Ishizuka did all the programming, and Shinichi Sakamoto did the music and sound. According to Ryuichi, the game was made in under a month. This was presumably due to LJN's tight deadlines.


Jaws - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Jaws - NES - Overworld.png

Moving around the overworld.

Jaws - NES - Underwater.png

Shooting enemies underwater. Apparently, stingrays and jellyfish are so big you can hit them with your boat!

Jaws - NES - Final Battle.png

Attempting to kill Jaws.

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The music actually is pretty catchy, especially the bonus scene theme. The other music sounds suspenseful. The title music is a nice short rendition of the Jaws theme written by John Williams. While the game lacks credits, we have contacted the only known composer at Westone, Shinichi Sakamoto and he confirmed doing the soundtrack. According to Shinichi, he composed the music in 6502 assembly language (NES programming). Shinichi says the sound driver was done by the game's programmer, Michishito Ishizuka. Sakamoto says he was disappointed in his music for this game and the other Famicom game he composed.


# Title ComposerArrangerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Jaws Theme John WilliamsShinichi SakamotoMichishito Ishizuka 0:15
02 Get Ready! Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 0:06
03 Overworld Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 1:19
04 You've Hit Something! Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 0:01
05 Underwater Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 1:19
06 Bonus Scene! Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 1:19
07 Bonus Scene Results Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 0:02
08 Upgrade Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 0:04
09 Final Battle Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 1:01
10 Game Over Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 0:05
11 Ending Shinichi SakamotoUnknownMichishito Ishizuka 1:20


(Source: Verification from Shinichi Sakamoto; game lacks credits)

After you beat the game, you are treated to a plane flying off into the sunset with the words "THE END" appearing after. Shinichi Sakamoto says because of a subcontract, the developers could not put staff credits in their game. Ryuichi Nishizawa says otherwise. According to Ryuichi, they were ashamed of their work and that's the reason why there's no credits. Though he also admits that the game was rushed and was done in under a month.

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Jaws - NES.jpg
Title: Jaws
Platform: NES
Released: 1987-11-??
Publisher: LJN Ltd.