James Bond (C64)

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James Bond
James Bond - C64.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1984
Developer: Parker Brothers

James Bond is a 4-level action game ported from the Atari 8-bit platform. The C64 port seems a bit easier, but still rather hard.

Most C64 gamers, especially Europeans, did not have manuals and still think that this game has only one level, without goal, and is altogether just another Moon Patrol clone. Some also wrongly list it under the name of its first level, Diamonds are Forever.


James Bond - C64 - Main Menu.png

Press F1 to play.

James Bond - C64 - Start.png

So far, so familiar.

James Bond - C64 - Finish.png

Now jump from behind on that oil rig!

James Bond - C64 - Level Completed.png

Level 1 completed.

James Bond - C64 - Level 2.png

Now go read the manual!

James Bond - C64 - Rating.png

Game over. 005 away from 007. Press F1 again.


The music was ported from the early Atari 800 version, the sound effects from the final one. The latter are split over only 2 voices, since the third one is used as a random generator. Some sound effects have also become shorter, use only triangle and sawtooth waves (rather than the louder and more complex pulse waves), and the satellite in level 1 shoots in only one voice, all providing a more eerie atmosphere.

The arranger was apparently new to the SID chip, especially since instead of using its built-in decay feature, he merely decreases the sustain (as was necessary on POKEY).


The only song was recorded from VICE 3.2 with the model C64 old NTSC.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 James Bond Theme Monty NormanUnknown 0:16


(Source for composer: Recognizable song. Game lacks credits.)

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Source verification is needed.


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Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in SID chip. It sounds the same on every chip. Whether James Bond (C64) was officially published in PAL regions is not known yet.


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James Bond - C64.jpg
Title: James Bond 007
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1984-0?-??
Publisher: Parker Brothers


James Bond
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Notable Songs James Bond Theme
Notable Personnel Monty Norman