Isamu Hirano

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Isamu Hirano
Isamu Hirano - 1.jpg
Local 平野 勇 (ひらの いさむ)
Born 1954
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Isamu Hirano is a professional guitarist living in Sapporo, Japan. He only composed the music to one game.


  • Note: Mario Bros. Special (PC88) uses the same title music as Championship Lode Runner (FC), so it has been added to this gameography.
Released Title Sample Notes
1984-07-31 Lode Runner (NES) (ロードランナー)
Arranged by Shinichi Nakamoto.
1984-??-?? Mario Bros. Special (PC88) (マリオブラザーズSPECIAL) Unknown arranger.
1985-04-17 Championship Lode Runner (FC) (チャンピオンシップロードランナー)
Arranged by Shinichi Nakamoto.

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