Ippo Yamada

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Ippo Yamada
Ippo Yamada - 01.jpg
Local 山田 一法 (やまだ いっぽう)
Born 19??-08-06
Birth Place Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Ippo

Ippo Yamada is a Japanese composer, sound designer, and sound producer. He is known for his numerous works with Capcom and Inti Creates. He is known for his numerous works on the Mega Man and Gal Gun series. He started out doing sound effects for Super Street Fighter II and Resident Evil. In 1996 he left Capcom and started Inti Creates with other Capcom staff members. He is noted as an important member of the Mega Man series since the 2000's.


Released Title Sample Notes
1994-10-21 Demon's Crest (SNES) (デモンズブレイゾン -魔界村紋章編) Sound Effects
1994-11-?? X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse (SNES) (エックス・メン MUTANT APOCALYPSE) Sound Effects
1994-12-16 Mega Man X2 (SNES) (ロックマンX2) Sound Effects
1995-03-24 Mega Man 7 (SNES) (ロックマン7 宿命の対決!) With various others.
1996-03-22 Resident Evil (PS1) (バイオハザード) Sound: Design with Hideaki Utsumi.
1996-12-06 Resident Evil (W32) (バイオハザード) Sound: Design with Hideaki Utsumi.
1997-07-25 Resident Evil (SAT) (バイオハザード) Sound: Design with Hideaki Utsumi.
1998-04-23 Kahen Soukou Gunbike: Speed Power Gunbike (PS1) (可変走攻ガンバイク)
2002-04-26 Mega Man Zero (GBA) (ロックマンゼロ)
2003-05-02 Mega Man Zero 2 (GBA) (ロックマンゼロ2) Sound Production, Sound Designer
2004-04-23 Mega Man Zero 3 (GBA) (ロックマンゼロ3)
2005-04-21 Mega Man Zero 4 (GBA) (ロックマンゼロ4)
2006-07-06 Mega Man ZX (NDS) (ロックマンゼクス)
2007-06-07 Kabu Trader Shun (NDS) (株トレーダー瞬)
2007-07-12 Mega Man ZX Advent (NDS) (ロックマンゼクスアドベント)
2008-09-22 Mega Man 9 )WII) (ロックマン9 野望の復活!!)
2010-03-01 Mega Man 10 (WII) (ロックマン10 宇宙からの脅威!!) Multiple Audio Roles
2010-03-01 Mega Man 10 (X360) (ロックマン10 宇宙からの脅威!!) Multiple Audio Roles
2010-06-08 Mega Man Zero Collection (NDS) (ロックマンゼロコレクション)
2011-11-22 Saban's Power Rangers Samurai (WII) Multiple Audio Roles
2012-11-29 Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (3DS) (ナルトSDパワフル疾風伝)
2013-11-05 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (3DS) Multiple Audio Roles
2014-08-20 Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS) (蒼き雷霆 ガンヴォルト) Multiple Audio Roles
2015-08-06 Gal*Gun: Double Peace (PS4) (ぎゃる☆がんW) Multiple Audio Roles
2015-09-29 Mighty Gunvolt (W64) (マイティガンヴォルト) With Haruhisa Tanaka, Ryo Kawakami, Luna Umegaki, and Aoi Takeda.
2016-06-21 Mighty No. 9 (W64) Multiple Audio Roles
2016-08-25 Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (3DS) (蒼き雷霆 ガンヴォルト 爪) Multiple Audio Roles
2017-03-03 Blaster Master Zero (3DS) (ブラスターマスター ゼロ)
2017-06-28 Mighty Gunvolt: Burst (3DS) (マイティガンヴォルト バースト)
2017-08-09 Gal*Gun VR (W64) Multiple Audio Roles
2018-03-05 Gal*Gun 2 (SW) (ぎゃる☆がん 2) Multiple Audio Roles
2018-05-24 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PS4)
2019-01-29 Dragon Marked for Death (SW) Multiple Audio Roles
2019-03-07 Dragon Marked for Death: Advanced Attackers (SW) (エキスパートセット - 忍びと魔女) Multiple Audio Roles
2019-03-20 Blaster Master Zero II (SW) (ブラスターマスター ゼロ II) Multiple Audio Roles
2019-06-18 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4) (ブラッドステインド:リチュアル・オブ・ザ・ナイト)
2019-09-25 Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX (W64) (白き鋼鉄のX The Out of Gunvolt) Multiple Audio Roles
2022-07-28 Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 (SW) (蒼き雷霆 ガンヴォルト 鎖環) Multiple Audio Roles

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