Into Sandy's City

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Into Sandy's City
Composer Bobby Prince
Released 1994-10-10
Title Origin Official

Into Sandy's City is the song composed by Bobby Prince for Doom II: Hell On Earth (DOS).

Prince used Sequencer Plus Gold to compose this track. The song appears as a track number nine on the Doom Music album.

When I was composing the songs for DOOM, I did not get to see any finished levels. In the case of DOOM II, there were some levels that changed very little from the very early days of development. One of these was what I called "Sandy's City" because it was a level designed by Sandy Peterson. Everyone loved playing that level and I decided that I had to write a song that sounded sorta "city-like." This song was the result. Originally I had a piano playing the part that the harpsichord is playing but no one at id liked the idea of a piano in any of the music. As a joke, I changed the patch to the harpsichord. I expected everyone to voice opposition, but everyone seemed to like it -- so, I left it in!


Doom II: Hell On Earth (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Doom II: Hell On Earth (DOS)
Output - GF1.svg
Output - MIDI.svg
Output - OPL3.svg
Arranger Bobby Prince
Released 1994-10-10
Length 4:39
Format MUS
Loops Yes

Into Sandy's City plays on Level 9: The Pit. Within the DOOM2.WAD file, the song has internal name D_IN_CIT.

Doom II: Hell On Earth (GBA)

Platform - GBA.png
Doom II: Hell On Earth (GBA)
Output - PCM.svg
Arranger James Langford
Released 2002-10-23
Length 2:55
Format GSF
Loops Yes

Into Sandy's City plays on two levels; Level 4: The Focus and Level 9: The Pit.