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Inhome Software Incorporated
Inhome Software - 1983.jpg
Founded 1981
Closed 1983
Headquarters Toronto (1981), Mississauga (since 1982), Ontario, Canada

Inhome Software was a small Canadian publisher of Atari 8-bit games and a sister company of Electronic Playworld stores.

The games may have started out homebrew. Altogether, they were made available on disk, tape and cartridge. Very few of them have music.

Arguably most notably, Chris Gray played games in their arcades at around age 14, and Inhome connected him with Peter Liepa, starting Boulder Dash. Inhome demanded that the game be programmed in assembly and the protagonist recognizable, prompting Liepa to enlarge tiles from 8×8 to 16×16 pixels, but also inspiring him to animate them.

Inhome's fate is unconfirmed. By the time Boulder Dash was presentable, Liepa got less responses, and Atarimania and MobyGames do not list any games after 1983.


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