Impossible Mission II (NES)

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Impossible Mission II
Impossible Mission-II - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1989
Developer: Novotrade International
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Impossible Mission II is the sequel to the first Impossible Mission game. It was brought to the NES as an unlicensed title from AVE. The player assumes the role of theirselves. A mad scientist named Dr. Atombender has locked himself in the middle of 9 towers, and it's up to the player to search rooms retrieving pieces of a code to a computer password to access the next tower. The player has six hours to stop the evil scientist. The game is reminiscent to Prince of Persia, in that the animation's really good and that you're under a time limit.


Impossible Mission II - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Impossible Mission II - NES - In-Game 1.png

Epic front flip!

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The game has a title song and 6 musical sequences which make up the final password. The game itself has no credits, but we have received verification from Peter Gosztola that he worked on the game's music, and that it was the first time he worked on NES music. He also programmed the game's sound engine, which would be used in a few other games. According to Gosztola, he converted the song from the Commodore 64 version.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Chris GriggPeter Gosztola 0:57

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(Source: Verification from Peter Gosztola; game lacks credits.)

Game Rip







  USA.svg   USA
Impossible Mission-II - USA.jpg
Title: Impossible Mission-II
Platform: NES
Released: 1990-??-??
Publisher: Epyx
  USA.svg   USA
Impossible Mission II - USA.jpg
Title: Impossible Mission II
Platform: NES
Released: 1991-??-??
Publisher: American Video Entertainment
  Australia.svg   Australia
Impossible Mission 2 - AU.jpg
Title: Impossible Mission 2
Platform: NES
Released: 1990-??-??
Publisher: Home Entertainment Suppliers
  Brazil.svg   Brazil
Title: Impossible Mission Ii
Platform: NES
Released: Unknown
Publisher: Milmar


Impossible Mission
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Notable Songs Impossible Mission II Theme
Notable Personnel Chris Grigg
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